At The Olympics

Being invited to play the closing ceremonies is an honour and I am proud to represent some of the founding Nations that helped create the big, beautiful country of Canada. Being Onondaga/Mohawk from the Haudenasaunee Confederacy is a real proud thing for me and it’s important that I acknowledge the sacrifices of my people and their contributions that helped shape North America.

One of the greatest gifts the First People of North America gave the world is that we believe there was good in all Creators creatures. We ALL need to be reminded of this. Fundamentalism is dangerous no matter what form it comes in.

The human spirit transcends race and religon and our collective experience as a whole is astounding. As Mother Earth continues to find a balance in the wake of human influence, we must turn our focus on preserving what we can.

Live and dream. Chase your passion. Love. Cry. Rejoice. Take it all as a mystical journey you are privileged to be a part of.

So as we build new relationships and as we strengthen old ones, let’s reflect at where we came from and look to a future of sharing laughter, music and love and hopefully a little tolerance.